Fitness is something that we should achieve not only to get a well-shaped body but to feel good within. As a professional gym instructor, Debra Harris tries to empower her clients with technology, science and systems that make their fitness goals more achievable for them. People living in 20-30kms of Gold Coast can avail this service. Sweat N Success Personal Training is the place where you can meet this talented and friendly fitness trainer.

From a personal fitness trainer to a group fitness instructor – Debra plays multiple roles with efficiency and dedication. She follows processes that do not only aim to give you a “perfect body shape”, but ensure your overall fitness and strength. You feel positive and confident after completing these sessions. However, she strongly believes that body transformation is a constant process and even the smallest change can bring the greatest impacts in your life.

Enjoy Fitness Training that Helps You to Feel Good inside Your Mind, Body and Soul!

Metabolic Precision Body Transformation Challenges

Metabolic Precision is a science-based, research-proven, internationally recognized transformation system

  • Eat lots of delicious food!
  • Exercise less than a handful of hours a week!
  • Get the body you’ve always wanted!!
  • That’s Metabolic Precision!

Metabolic Precision addresses where you’ve got it wrong in the past, paves the clearest path to success. MP creates the structure, individualization and sustained motivation that no diet or exercise program ever could.

Now here’s the real exciting part.....

Metabolic Precision is perpetual. Each MP 12 week program lays the foundation for even greater success in the next program. In fact, subsequent MP programs yield better results, with less effort!

Thanks to MP's science-based, research-proven approach, you eat lots of delicious food, nourish your body and learn how to exercise to achieve an amazing result you can keep - without starvation diets and hundreds of hours clocked-up on the treadmill.

It's so much more impressive!

Even when your goals change, MP can be contoured to suit. That’s why Metabolic Precision is a totally revolutionary approach - achieve the body you want and know how to keep it.

The MP Transformation is unique. It’s not a diet or an exercise program, it is more like a complete experience in peak performance living! Here’s a sample

  • Discover your Metabolic Classification to fast track success!
  • Get the right type & amount of exercise to speed results!
  • Develop a tailored plan perfect for you!
  • No gimmicks or expensive supplements
  • No counting calories!
  • A straightforward approach, easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle.
  • No guessing or conflicting information, just fantastically consistent results!

Fire & Ice Group Training

Designed with fun and community in mind, these Fire and Ice group training sessions is all about growing and supporting each other, and establishing a healthy foundation of exercise in your life.

Whilst using the research backed exercise science to ensure your fat burning is ongoing for 48 hours past the session, whilst maintaining your precious muscle that is the key to your thriving metabolism.

A group may contain people with different health issues, fitness goals and bodyweights. She will set the exercise routine to match the universal goals of all the members and help them to gain a holistic lifestyle. The modern exercise tools make the entire sessions fun-filled, intriguing, highly effective and time-saving.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30 am and 6:30 am I.C.E FIRE I.C.E FIRE I.C.E
9:30 am FIRE Function Fit Fire   Function Fit
5:30 pm and 6:30 pm   Function Fit

So, do not waste your time in thinking. Take your first step towards a great body transformation experience that will make your lifestyle simple and impressive.